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Field Rules

Field Rules

1. All players must have shinguards to play, soccer cleats are not required but if cleats are worn please make sure there is no toe cleat. These are present on baseball and football cleats but must be removed for soccer.

2.No driving on the fields and please drive slowly at all times, as it gets dark you may think there are no children there but often you just can't see them, never assume there are not children still there.

3.No dogs on the fields. This is a district wide policy. When you travel to Troy, NEB, Towanda, and Wyalusing they also do not allow dogs. Over the years there have been multiple issues with dogs. You might think your dog might not hurt someone but all dogs are protective. If the dog feels 'their' child is being threatened be it by another player, parent or another dog they will attack. This is why we love them and call them man's best friend. For insurance purposes we must not have dogs on the fields.

4.No Smoking at the fields. This is a safe environment for all children. Many children have respiratory problems that can be triggered by smoke.

5.Please do not have your child's name placed on their shirt. Children will respond to their name and can be lured away by someone who they do not perceive as a threat. If an adult knows their name they may assume their parents know this adult.
6.Last of all...HAVE A GREAT SEASON.