9/13/2015 Board Meeting

VALLEY YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATIONSeptember 13th, 2015 – Board Meeting

Meeting called to order: 6:30 pm

ATTENDANCE:  Susan Hadlock, Jen Blackman, Harry Hadlock, John Driesbaugh, Tim Leonard, Jan Vosburg, Crystal Quinn, Rich Arnold, David McIsaac, Kevin Wheeler


  • Copy of minutes distributed, Motion to accept - Tim, 2nd - Dave 


  • Bill absent, sent e-mail, $27,000 in account, not including travel account, Registration with EPYSA due Sept. 15th $3,000 - $5,000, We are stable, On average for where we are annually 


  • Total registered – 517, Last year - 551, $2,600 late fees, U14 boys short (ASA), need to start registration for winter, separate meeting for travel this week


  • Indoor Field Update – update to all and response? Have written response from Rich, fields will be done by November, Jen will be the calendar/field organizer for Paxar – discuss in travel meeting
  • Outdoor Fields – Best seen this time of year especially with lack of rain, New trees planted, 1 more application of lyme/fertilizer  
  • Pictures – Done yesterday, smooth, positive comments
  • Guthrie Grant – next meeting in September - Jen submitted by September 1st deadline for $10,000
  • GBUFC/Valley – NYSW – Travel passes for coaches next week, Possibly dissolve border next year 
  • Fundraisers
    • Tag day update – $3,100 not including change, went well  
    • Applebee’s – nothing yet
    • Other – November tag day – travel
  • Outdoor storage – Need metal roof, nothing new, get 4th port a john
  • Field protection – goals, practices – Whoever moves goals need to re secure them, Send recommendation e-mail regarding number of practices per week, Stay out of goal box, Put ball bag in middle of field, Use half of field
  • Paint machine – Nobody touch, Sue doing great job, Got new parts, Harry wants second machine

Other Old Business

  • Sponsor pictures – Jan to approve, Tim to take to sponsors
  • 1 more bench to make    

New Business

  • Realignment of age groups – Reorganize calendar year, Required by 2017
  • Winter plans – meeting this week
  • Field clock dedication – Hopefully at U12 tournament October 3rd, 4th – Leslie Bodine
  • U10 and U12 tournaments – Send e-mail – Not optional, If coach can’t attend will find replacement

Other New Business  

  • U7 coaches – Put on list to not coach if possible, not following our philosophy
  • Black top into driveway - $275 to $325 per sq. ft. – Austin’s/Petlock, Now is time to do – oil prices lower
  • Tar/Chip up to pine trees – possibly next year


  • Next meeting – October 11th 6:30
  • Adjournment – 7:36 p.m.