7/12/2015 Board Meeting


July 12th, 2015 – Board Meeting

Meeting called to order: 6:34 pm

ATTENDANCE:  Crystal Quinn, Tim Leonard, Alden Chapman, Damon Walker, Eric McRoberts, Jen Blackman, Harry Hadlock, John Driesbaugh, Sue Hadlock 


  • Copy of minutes distributed, Motion to accept - Jen, 2nd - Tim 


  • Bill absent, $1,900 from GBUFC, $1,074 from Bahij, Better payment system needed - Spring teams just turning in money, Pay ahead or don’t play, Team managers needed


  • Fall Start Up
    • Security update – Do FBI clearances first, take the longest
    • Census numbers – 448
    • Sponsorship forms for teams and fields – Set for teams, Fields coming in - Croft, Gannon, C&N, Robinson’s, GTP, Horns, 2 field openings 
    • Advertising
      • Yard signs – Rich to get cost, need signs placed out of town, Motion to accept – Harry, 2nd - Alden
      • Flyer update – possibly do winter flyers
      •  Media blitz – Get camp info out


  • Indoor Field Update – Ready to proceed, Utilize 12 months, expenses spread out over 12 months, Jen doesn’t want to separate rec/travel, Harry – Rec shouldn’t pay for indoor facility, If keep taking money from Rec going to run out, Damon wants another set of eyes to look at financials, Need fundraising, Rec kids can use indoor facility, Set up meeting to approve rental agreement – July 16th 6:00 p.m. at fields    
  • Outdoor Fields – Beautiful, Mow – twice/week, Corner by pole – stones/mums, Robinson’s to maintain all 7 spots twice/yr., Harry wants to get a big rock, Motion to approve – Harry, 2nd – Eric
  • Pictures – Smith’s hasn’t gotten back yet
  • Winter Sponsors follow up – pictures – Jan
  • Spring Session review – more expenses than thought, 4 port-a-johns $400/4months
  • Guthrie Grant – next meeting in September - Jen
  • Bylaws update – Harry
  • Summer soccer camp – Need clearances by staff – Clearances not needed before 8/1, 18 U8 and below, 9 U10 and above registered, shirts all set  
  • Other old business – ASA U15s – Preister not coaching, Jen still opposed to playing, Up to Eric and boys, U8s – festivals, Rec league

New Business

  • Announcements for meetings and upcoming events – Get Crystal info, Work with Jen 
  • Field placement for U4-U8 – Need 4 fields, 2 on far left, 2 on right, 40% of kids play on right, kills the fields
  • Number of teams and children – U4 – 7, U5 – 7, U6 – 7, U7 – 8, U8 – 8, U10/U12 – 10 or 11, U15 – 9v9, 11v11 if coaches agree
  • Rec shirts – Under $7.00, no change in price
  • Trainers for travel and Rec – M/W boys, T/Th girls, Robbie needs to train on weekend, Matt needs to know when we need him – available M/W, Christina
  • Travel teams – Review of numbers at tryouts – 4-6 going to be cut, BC League only allows 10 at U10 12 at U12, offer compromise - those cut can still train with trainer at that level, Jen to send e-mail, 2 players not registered
  • GBUFC/Valley – NYSW – couple opportunities, form club – put in NYSW, run through GBUFC, maintain autonomy, mostly Spring players/teams – more availability, gives Bahij player availability, two way street, lots of details to work out
  • Fundraisers – Tag day – Saturday before Labor Day, another tag day, one more big fundraiser, Jen to ask Brandy to head up
  • Outdoor storage – Set up pavilion/lean to, Will cover equipment we use, 2 guys ( Harry’s nephew), need some nuts, bolts, wood, $400.00, Motion to accept – Harry, 2nd – Tim 

Other New Business  

  • New benches, Harry wants to make 10, Need money to buy wood, Motion to approve – Harry, 2nd – Damon
  • Schedule work bee to set up goals, paint fields – August 8th 8:00 a.m., Dominic Miller – senior at Sayre wants to help
  • Fall BC League – no player passes, club approved rosters, have been paying $275 to EPYSA, use Rec roster – Motion to approve – John, 2nd – Tim 
  • Family asked for refund – moving, policy is $25/player, will give full amount minus our cost
  • Coaches training – Matt or Robbie – train Rec coaches, $150 middle of August, Motion to approve – Jen, 2nd – Harry
  • Ref training – Kevin – sometime in August, Motion to approve – Harry, 2nd – Sue
  • Next meeting – August 9th 6:30 at fields, 2nd pavilion
  • Adjournment – 8:31 p.m.