6/21/2015 Board Meeting

6/21/15 Board Meeting


June 21st, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm

ATTENDANCE:  Crystal Quinn, Tom Briggs, Ralph Warner, Kevin Wheeler, Cory Robinson, Dave McIsaac, John Driesbaugh, Bill Carmalt, Rich Arnold, Alden Chapman, Jennifer Blackman, Eric McRoberts, Harry Hadlock, Susan Hadlock 


  • Copy of minutes distributed and on website, Motion to accept - Rich, 2nd - Alden 


  • Numbers e-mailed, Bill has pile of checks, Numbers down – Jan 1st to now, 2 checks at dome = $4,000, With these checks would break even
  •  Bill in charge of Fall financials, Damon in charge of Travel – Damon wants better breakdown
  • Motion to accept – John, 2nd – Rich 


  • Fall Start Up
    • Security update – As of July 25th no charge for clearances, coaches need to do ASAP after 25th so as not to prolong start date, reimbursements given to those who already paid if they ask, drafts can’t be done until clearances done, contact info will not be given without clearances, VYSA won’t play anyone who doesn’t have clearances 
    • Census numbers – 412 total signed up including 25 late, little above last year
    • Sponsorship forms for teams and fields – Down 7 team sponsors from last year, Rich to put ad in Morning Times to community thanking sponsors from last year - $350.00, Motion to accept – Harry, 2nd – Sue
    • Advertising
      • Yard signs – Everywhere! Rich to get cost info for winter signs, Motion to accept – Alden, 2nd – Harry
      • Flyer update – All out
      •  Media blitz – Radio – Wiggle, Morning Times


  • Indoor Field Update – Ran into code problems, will be ready
  • Outdoor Fields - Harry says look outstanding
    • Fertilizer $400.00, 2nd application next week, need more nitrogen and lyme – every year, aeration – most important thing, water in barn for irrigation, no more stones needed
    • Bushes burnt – take back to Lowes, burlap others
    • Dave reports paint sprayer isn’t working, he will fix and write instructions on how to use, need to have people work with someone first time, save $1000 - $1500/yr. using sprayer, possibly pay someone to do, discuss at next meeting
  • Winter Sponsors follow up – Dave e-mailed pictures to Sue
  • Second and Spring Session review – U12 boys won division, U10 girls doing well
  • Guthrie Grant – next meeting in September, want to know how we are serving underprivileged
  • Bylaws update – not yet, Harry and Damon to do
  • Summer soccer camp – 2 signed up, lots of e-mails, info is on website and Facebook, Christina – younger ages, Robbie/Matt – wherever needed
  • Free soccer clinic – Ran by Tim, 2 Thursdays prior to registration, U8 and below, good turnout – almost 40 kids, will do next year 
  • Waverly boys playing on travel field – haven’t been back, Alden to get private property signs
  • Other old business
    • Field signs – Dave wants to dig holes, pour concrete, Get with Harry for locations
    • Irrigation line between U12 &U8 fields – make sure financials are in order first

New Business

  • Announcements for meetings and upcoming events – Sue to get Crystal info. 
  • Paxar annual rental agreement – Rich sent copy of lease, 12 month/year use of building – $30,000 includes utilities/concession stand/uniform room, discuss cost of Winter to make sure productive for kids and VYSA, need fundraiser/ideas to offset cost, need building manger, Jen & Damon will have cost vs. income vs. expenses – cost/player for July meeting, media blitz for winter, free clinic for indoor, bring outdoor kids indoor to see how it is
  • Picture vendor – Harry to check on Smith’s contract, we make $1,000, can do for Winter also
  • Game times for U4-U8 – Saturday games: U4 – 10:00, U5 – 11:00, U6 – 1:00, U7 – 2:30, U8 – 4:00, moved U5 from 11:30 to 11:00, Christina wants evenings for practices for U4/U5/U6
  • Rec number of children on teams – max and room for late: U4 – 6, U5 – 6, U6 – 6 to 7, U7 – 7, U8 – 7, U10/U12 – 10
  • Rec shirts – WJ as long as price is reasonable
  • Trainers for travel and Rec – Christina – U6 and below, Matt/Robbie – 1 day/week – Rec then Travel, U10/12 together, 1 night trainer/1 night coach
  • Travel teams – Jen sent tryout dates, Rich to advertise for coaches, U7/U8 possible local festivals instead of travel, Damon doesn’t want to cut, have tryouts then decide one or two teams per age group
  • Fundraisers
    • Applebee’s – pancake breakfast, we sell coupons, help with serving
    • Car raffle

Other New Business

  • U15 ASA boys – Said they had no idea Priester was doing what he was doing, have enough for 2 teams – already set up, letter from ASA president did not address “best of best” idea – not what Dist. 16 stands for, Harry doesn’t think ASA did intentionally, we can refuse to play if ASA does not break up the 2 teams, they can play for us split up between teams, will know more July 8th – district meeting
  • Stateline – Jen has called and left messages, Rich suggested speaking to Bahij first as it would become competition for the Dome  
  • Camp shirts – $10.00, motion to approve – Dave, 2nd Cory
  • Next meeting – July 12th 6:30 at fields, 2nd pavilion

Adjournment – 9:16 p.m.