5/10/2015 Board Meeting

5/10/15 Board Meeting


May 10, 2015

 Meeting called to order at 6:39 pm

 ATTENDANCE:   Susan Hadlock, Harry Hadlock, Jennifer Blackman, Bill Carmalt, John Driesbaugh, Eric McRoberts, Tim Leonard, Crystal Quinn



  • Copy of minutes distributed, Harry motioned to accept, 2nd by Alden 


  • Numbers e-mailed, down a little
  • Jen made large deposit, missing refund from Bahij of $2,000 plus some GBUFC fees of $2,000 
  • Any expenses from Spring go to Bill
  • Question regarding Cody’s payment
  • $50,000 in bank including Winter not Spring, ahead of last year about $7,000
  • $6,430 in utilities put us through early April, roughly $8,000 total  


  • Fall Start Up
    • Security update - everyone has to pay $20.00 at least to get clearances, Sue needs proof, anyone out of state needs FBI clearance, $53 max, need appt. in Towanda, write to Tina Pickett
    • Do we want to assume cost? Yes. Bill motioned to accept, 2nd by Harry
    • Need to call about getting code for coaches when paying
    • Guthrie grant to possibly absorb cost
    • Set up laptop to do clearances at fields



  • Fee schedule
    • $45 - same, registration up later this week, no discounts, increases by $15 on 6/15 then again on 7/1
  • Need to be more stringent about concussion information
  • Sponsorship forms for teams and fields – put on Facebook, we owe Discover the World – never got their sign up, Harry has most forms out, looking at more – hotels
  • Flyers – need to say what sets us apart – focus on training and individual player, media blitz – schools, newspaper, valley sports report, radio, social media
  • Yard signs
  • Free soccer camp for new parents/players, one or two nights, would need waiver, early June, Tim to set up, check with Christina, U8 and under, let us know ASAP to get info out


  • Indoor Field Update – code issues, Rich waiting on VYSA
  • Pictures/Plaques – couple left
  • Winter Sponsors follow up – need pics in pinneys
  • Second and Spring Session review – no issues, fields look good
  • Guthrie Grant – Jen needs to do
  • Bylaws update – next meeting
  • Annual meeting report – Security, Harry gave update last meeting
  • Final numbers for Santacrose – Jen e-mailed numbers, better than thought, may cost more but should be able to do next year same weekend
  • Summer soccer camp – 7/20 – 7/24, Robbie & Christina, U10 and up 5:30 to 8:00 $75, U8 and below 5:30 to 7:00 $50
  • Other old business – none


New Business

  • Announcement for meetings and upcoming events – Mike unable to return, Crystal to handle, changing meeting date to 2nd Sunday of month
  • Poaching – ASA letter to certain players, invite only, U15 premier team in Rec, District meeting tomorrow – Harry to address, e-mailed Jake, Bill to draft e-mail to school board
  • Waverly boys playing on travel field – can’t have them on field, insurance issues, sign – play at own risk, no trespassing, damage to field, water bottles
  • Paxar annual rental agreement – need to get moving on, Rich waiting on VYSA, $30,000 incl. utilities, offset cost in off months – softball, parties
  • Indoor rec – Harry will help if stop U8s from going to dome
  • New field needs to be done by August
  • BC United Tournament – scratch for this year, look into for next year
  • Food vendor for Fall – Coaches

Other New Business

  • Stateline – NYSW, Not active in 2 years, $10,000 in bank, what would we have to do to re-open?
  • Fall travel – 1 team, true tryouts, 3 or 4 people assessing per age group, around week of July 1st
  • Need to keep trainers – Christina
  • Bill wants to get QuickBooks for Damon
  • Tag Day – Labor Day weekend, need to get set up
  • Discussion about black top part of road at outdoor fields, bushes, trees
  • Next meeting – June 14th 6:30 at fields, 2nd pavilion
  • Adjournment – 8:39 p.m.