3/22/2015 Board Meeting

3/22/15 Board Meeting


March 22nd, 2015

 Meeting called to order at 6:37 pm

 ATTENDANCE:   Alden Chapman, Eric McRoberts, Kevin Wheeler, Jan Vosburg, David McIsaac, Harry Hadlock, Sue Hadlock, Crystal Quinn, Cory Robinson, Jennifer Blackman



  • None 


  • Bill Carmalt absent, e-mailed P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Jen made 2 deposits not recorded plus boys fees and Joe Santacrose tournament money
  • Jen and Damon to come up with better system for deposits starting next year. Each team will have their own internal account. 
  • Financials approved – Harry Hadlock, 2nd by Alden Chapman


  • Nothing much changed
  • 1 child not registered
  • Harry questioned how many U-16 boys and if they are all registered, Jen to ask team manager


  • Indoor Field Update – will be ready for use for Fall/1st Winter Session
  • Pictures – few left to give out
  • Outside volunteers for cleaning – Rich handling
  • Winter sponsors – logos on pinneys, need pictures of kids wearing to give to sponsors
  • Second session – runs through 4/25 for travel and rec.
  • Guthrie Grant – Bill sent Jen documents, she will upload to site, no due date.
  • Land O’Lakes Grant – website states program is under review for 2015
  • Bylaws update – Harry working on
  • Annual meeting report – Harry went, provided details to board, minimal changes that affect us
  • Other old business – none 


  • 2015-2016 RG-1 – not up yet, needs to be completed as soon as sent
  • Santacrose Tournament review – money will cover Bahij’s fee and $500 to JS foundation, $3,000 in JS account transferred to VYSA, brought in $13,000, should end up with $5,000.
    • Jen and Rich need to secure date for next year, need to form committee, raise fee to $325
  • Spring soccer prices – BCL fees $30 per team plus ref. fees, Current players pay to VYSA $10 for paint and field maintenance, New players pay $50 plus $10, Motion to approve – Dave McIsaac, 2nd Eric McRoberts
  • Spring workbee –Spring teams responsible for fields, ask parents to volunteer one Saturday
  • Update travel rosters – make sure up to date, player passes, parents responsible for any fees
  • Summer Camp – Robbie and Christina tentative, week of 7/20 evenings, U8 and below 5:30 to 7:00 $50, U10 and above 5:30 to 8:00 $75, get t-shirts, need port-a-john, Motion to approve – Dave McIsaac, 2nd Cory Robinson
  •  Fall registration start-up
    • Registration form – Form provided by Sue, questions asked/answered by board, Motion to approve – Sue Hadlock, 2nd Jan Vosburg
    • Sponsorship for teams and fields - $175 and $675, Harry handling, Owe Discover the World 1 year free
    • Advertising – Harry wants to push in newspaper, radio, flyers at school
  • BC United Tournament – Father’s Day Futbol Fest 6/21, VYSA co-sponsor with BC United, Look into more, Meeting soon
  • Board Member to cover Mike’s submissions – Harry
  • Other new business
    • No soccer balls for U4, U5, proposed trophies instead
    • $30,000/year for building, discussion on what we can do to offset costs
    • Discussion on how to set up fall rec program – director of coaching/age group manager
  • Next meeting – May 3rd 6:30
  • Adjournment – 9:13 p.m.