6/1/2014 Board Meeting


June 1st, 2014


ATTENDANCE:   Harry Hadlock, Sue Hadlock, Alden Chapman, Jan Vosburg, Rich Arnold, Damon Walker, Jen Blackman, Tom Briggs, Kevin Wheeler, Tim Leonard, Eric McRoberts, Heather Westbrook, Crystal Quinn, Doug Quinn, Rich Post, Justin Bailey


Meeting called to order at 6:07 pm




ACCEPTING OF MAY 4TH MINUTES:           Motion: Jan Vosburg   2nd by Jen Blackman






FINANCIAL DISCUSSION:    Damon Walker suggested that VYSA implement more checks and balances on all finances.  Rich Arnold made motion for Damon to benchmark other clubs to see how they handle money.  Jen Blackman 2nd motion


ACCEPTANCE OF FINANCIALS:      Motion: Rich Arnold    2nd by Alden Chapman


REGISTRAR REPORT:  150 kids signed up for rec soccer so far



FIELD MAINTENANCE:        Fields have all been fertilized.  Need help on many projects.  Need more signs.  Bill Carmalt was going to check about a setting up a commercial account at Lowes.


FUNDRAISERS:  Tag Day to be verified with WalMart for Labor Day weekend by Harry Hadlock


VYSA 25TH ANNIVERSARY:  Motion made by D. McIsaac/2nd by Alden Chapman to have picnic on Aug 17.  J. Blackman suggested a game adults vs kids.  Invite Sayre, Athens, Waverly Township Supervisors.  Suggested that a committee be made to plan for this event.  No one volunteered for committee.


WEBSITE & FACEBOOK:  New website is live @ www.valleyyouthsoccer.org


INDOOR FACILITY UPDATES:  Engineering evaluation being done on third room.  The goal is to add a second big field for this coming indoor season.


GUTHRIE HEALTH FAIR:     Rich to get banner made (4’x6’).  The health fair is on Saturday, June 7th


TRAINERS:  Henry Keventon and Robbie Dickinson will be the primary trainers for this coming fall session.


TEAM SPONSORS:     26 confirmed team sponsors so far


FIELD SPONSORS:     No progress.  Rich Arnold and Harry Hadlock to work on.


SPRING SOCCER:  Going well.  Kids look good.


ADULT PICKUP:  Outside unless weather is bad, then Paxar.




EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT  – Concrete Floor in 2nd Pavilion

  • Justin Bailey to champion the effort
  • Justin and Greg Ward from JD Ward Contracting to oversee the project
  • Will happen the week of June 13th
  • No cost to VYSA
  • Motion to accept: Jan Vosburg                        Motion 2nd by Jen Blackman



  • July 28th – Aug 1st  
  • 5pm-8pm evenings
  • Jen Blackman to champion the summer camp
  • U8 and below – 2hrs per day
  • U9 and above – 3hrs per day
  • $75 cost for U9 and above
  • $50 cost for U8 and below
  • Sign-up on demosphere website
  • W&J to make camp shirts





  • Try-outs are scheduled for the end of June and early July, but the dates are not finalized.  Each age group will have at least two try-outs
  • The boys will be evaluated by a minimum of three coaches to make sure that the try-outs are done in a fair and unbiased manner
  • Kids from other towns are allowed to try-out
  • Boys from lower age groups are allowed to try-out for the older age groups.
  • We will hold three separate try-outs for the boys teams: U10 (U8-U10), U12 (U11&U12), and U14 (U13&U14). 
  • Our preference is to have a team at the U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, and U14 age groups, if possible.  If an odd age group doesn’t have enough players for a team then that age group will be eliminated and those boys will need to try-out for the next older age group.
  • The teams will be playing:
    • U8 Team          U10 division    Parent Coach: TBD
    • U9 Team          U10 division    Parent Coach: Tom Briggs
    • U10 Team        U10 division    Parent Coach: Josh Roe
    • U11 Team        U12 division    Parent Coach: Dave McIsaac
    • U12 Team        U12 division    Parent Coach: Eric Ryck
    • U13 Team        U14 division    Parent Coach: Rich Arnold
    • U14 Team        U14 division    Parent Coach: TBD



  • All boys teams will have three training sessions per week for the fall season. 
  • The training sessions will be on Mon, Wed, and Fri evenings
  • Monday training sessions will be run by Robbie Dickinson and Henry Keventon.  Parent coaches are expected to participate in the training.  The U8-U10 boys teams will train from 5:15pm-6:45pm on Mondays.  The U11-U14 boys will train from 6:30pm-8:30pm on Mondays.
  • Wednesday training sessions will also be run by Robbie Dickinson and Henry Keventon.  Parent coaches are expected to participate in the training.  The U8-U10 boys teams will train from 5:15pm-6:45pm on Wednesdays.  The U11-U14 boys will train from 6:30pm-8:30pm on Wednesdays.
  • Parent coaches will run their own training sessions on Fridays with their team



  • All teams will play in the Broome County League
  • Games begin on Sept 6th and run through October 26th



          VYSA Registration Fee = $75

          EPYSA Fee = $28

          Referee Fee = $35

          Trainer Fees = $73

         TOTAL COST FOR FALL TRAVEL SOCCER = $211/player


FOOD VENDORS:  Alden Chapman delivered new contract for Coach’s to sell food.  Waiting for contract to be signed.

Meeting adjourned 7:25 pm

Next meeting:   June 29th, 2014 at 6:00 pm