5/4/2014 Board Meeting


May 4th, 2014


ATTENDANCE:   Harry Hadlock, Sue Hadlock, Alden Chapman, Jan Vosburg, Rich Arnold, Mike Bull, David McIsaac, Bill Carmalt, Tonya Arnold, Damon Walker, Jen Blackman, Pam Simpson, Nicki Gable, Jason Villanti, Tom Briggs, Kevin Wheeler

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm



FINANCIAL REPORT:  No written report available.  Verbal communication to H. Hadlock indicated  approx. $16,000 in checking acct (excluding $29,000 CD at Visions), for a total of $45,000.  $8000 loan payment due in 2 weeks (mid May).  Outstanding $5000 to Rich Arnold for payment of tournaments.  Motion made by David McIsaac to accept with correction.





FIELD MAINTENANCE:  Fields aerated, grabgrass ½ fields, Lowes donated fertilizer-being delivered.  White paint needed to paint fields.  Lowes giving good price on paint.  Ray Jones Jr to mow fields for $125/week.  When someone wants to use the fields they are to give field schedule to Alden Chapman. Moving younger kids over to where U15’s were.  Need more signs.  Bill Carmalt was going to check about a setting up a commercial account at Lowes.

FUNDRAISERS:  Sweatshirts – still selling.  Made over $500

VYSA 25TH ANNIVERSARY:  Motion made by D. McIsaac/2nd by Alden Chapman to have picnic on Aug 17.  J. Blackman suggested a game adults vs kids.  Invite Sayre, Athens, Waverly Township Supervisors.  Suggested that a committee be made to plan for this event.


WEBSITE & FACEBOOK:  Going live asap.  VYSA registration papers on facebook.  Rich to change Domain name on website.




TRAINERS:  Henry.  VYSA doesn’t pay for trainers in the spring.


SPRING SOCCER:  Going well.  Kids look good.


ADULT PICKUP:  Outside unless weather is bad, then Paxar.






NEW SEASON:  Sponsors, shirt bids:   Rich hasn’t done yet.

FUNDRAISERS:  Tag Day:  H. Hadlock to go to Walmart.   Summer Camp:  J. Blackman and M. Bull to work on. Camp was in July last year.  Set up training at night. 2 training sessions.  Visions Credit Union:  D. Walker to talk to Visions about adding VYSA to monthly fundraiser of $1 for every “like” up to $5000 for 30 days.

TOPS SOCCER PROGRAM:  Special Olympics for soccer. M. Scheftic, T. Leonard, T. Arnold to work on.

WATER:  Rich Arnold, spring water on fields, we can utilize 42 gallons per minute. Gated and signs to be made stating NOT FOR DRINKING.

FOOD VENDORS:  A. Chapman needs new contract for Coach’s to sell food.

Meeting adjourned 7:25 pm

Next meeting:   June 1, 2014 at 6:00 pm